Flights is an annual literary magazine published in the fall of each year by Sinclair Community College. Submissions are open to everyone; however, we give special consideration to writers from the Southwest Ohio area, and we welcome work from Sinclair students, faculty and staff. Submissions will be read from September 1 until April 30 of each year.


Fiction: Stories in any genre, from short-shorts of 50 to 100 words to longer stories up to 5,000 words. Query for longer lengths. Poetry: Any subject, but no greeting card verse. You may send up to five poems in a single entry, but please do not send more than five poems during a single reading period. Poems should be no more than 70 lines. Query for longer lengths. Creative Non-fiction: Essays on any subject will be considered, up to 5,000 words. Query for longer lengths. Cover art: Please send publication-quality photos of your work for consideration. Only one entry per category per reading period, please.


Prose submissions should be double-spaced with pages numbered; poetry should be formatted how you’d like it to appear. Please include contact information on the first page. Please click “submit” above to access our submissions manager and read more about our guidelines. We are unable to offer payment at this time; however, if your piece is published, you will receive two issues of the magazine in which your work appears. In order to give voice to as many diverse writers as possible, we ask that if you are published in Flights, you wait at least one year before submitting to us again. Please wait for a response from us before submitting a second time in a single reading period. Because we publish only once per year, some of our final decisions aren’t made until May. We thank you for our patience in waiting for a response. If you work is accepted elsewhere while you are waiting for us, please let us know as soon as possible.

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